Some thoughts from Jonathon Lynch

It’s been a blast scoring NewB! I had so much fun, comic material to work with and being able to underscore it all with music has been wonderful.

I knew right away that the first and most important bit of music would be “Erin’s Theme,” the music playing whenever Erin is doing her thing, making her way through the city. I wanted it optimistic, upbeat, and full of hope (like our heroine!). Piano had to be one of the underlying instruments, to reflect on Erin’s musical theatre roots, but I wanted the flexibility to be a bit jazzy (with the vibes) and a bit rock-y (with the guitar) for some versatility. Voila! “Erin’s Theme” was born.

The melody of “Erin’s Theme” started to bleed into some of the other bits of music, reflecting the changes Erin would go through during the course of her adventures. When things are going badly, “Erin’s Theme” turns minor and gets stripped down to just the piano, playing the blues about her dreams that seemed so far away. When Erin gets scared, high plucked strings turn her (wildly condensed) theme into a creeping fright-fest. When she’s enamored by a celebrity, her theme (rearranged a bit and ‘acting cool’) floats above an electric piano and a symphony of strings in a jazz waltz arrangement. Until that all comes crashing to a stop, at least!

Other particularly memorable moments for me include the synthesizer threat of the spider, the high-stakes epic battle to watch “Game of Thrones,” and, of course, the title theme! Yes, that is my voice layered in harmonies at the end.

I hope that watching the series is as much fun for you as making the music was for me.

– Jonathon