All six episodes are being underscored with original music written by Jonathon Lynch. (Be sure to check out his bio for more information on all the projects he’s working on.)

The decision to underscore the episodes came about for a couple of reasons. In the series, Erin is an aspiring actress, so the musical theatre connection felt natural to incorporate. I also wanted to ensure that the tone was kept playful and light. Jonathon’s music adds an unseen character to every scene- commenting and informing what we want the audience to take away.

In the first episode, Alex Oechsel and Derek Hutchinson cover, “Love is All Around” made famous by The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The energy and optimism that Mary Tyler Moore had as she embraced Minneapolis is the same energy I wanted Erin to have as she embraced New York for the first time. The contemporary covers also match well with the beautiful footage of Central Park shot by Jared Windler. It adds a lot to the episode and kicks off the series with a lot of energy and fun.

We use several different genres in NewB: Musical theatre, hip-hop, metal, horror. Whatever suits the mood or adds an extra layer of comedy or irony. Jonathon and I even wrote an original musical theatre piece for the finale. Stay “tuned” for more =).